AFC U19 Women's Championship   
AFC U-19 Women�s Championship (Qualification) will be held from November 4-18, 2006. Entries have been received from 13 teams so far while Vietnam�s participation is still not final after receiving a later request for inclusion. Japan and Korea Republic qualifying straight for the finals. Two groups of four teams and one group of three teams (will be four if Vietnam�s request is granted) will play the qualifiers in one centralized, round-robin league. The top teams will qualify for the finals. The teams: West, South & Central: Bahrain, Jordan, IR Iran, Kyrgyzstan ASEAN, South & Central: Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, India East: Chinese Taipei, Guam, Hong Kong AFC U-19 Women�s Championship 2007 (finals) will be played from November 7-18 2007. Eight teams split into two groups of four will play one centralised, round-robin league. The top two teams will qualify for the semifinals. Draw will be held in November 2006 in host country (not decided yet).    

Please call GFA (+ 1 637-GFA1 (4321)) for any further information.


U19 National Team (Taipei)
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