11/18/06 : The Guam U19 Women's team returned to Guam safely after an impressive showing against HOng Kong, Vietnam and Chinese Taipei.

The team really came together as one unit liike a family that they didn't look forward to returning. Well, they miss their family and their home cooked meal!

Almost all of the girls are involved in the Women's Futsal League Playoff and didn't look forward to challenging each other. In fact, they try to plead with the Women's Committee to make each team champions.

The team look forward to training together again after they get caught up with school, health, family and holidays.

Training will commence in January 2007 with the Women's National Team.

Results of all games:
Taipei (1) vs Vietnam (0)
Guam (3) vs Hong Kong (1)
Guam (0) vs Vietnam (3)
Taipei (8) vs Hong Kong (0)
Taipei (5) vs Guam (0)
Vietnam (3) vs Hong Kong (0)

Almost all of the players with exception of approximately 4 players will be eligible for the U19 national team in 2008. With that said, there are some opinions that Guam U19 team will be ready for more wins in two years. You know what, we're counting on it!

11/12/06 : The game Guam vs Chinese Taipei has concluded with Guam holding a strong impressive showing despite the loss to Taipei 5-0.

The Chinese Taipei as well as other teams have commented on how impressive the Guam team looks. They were complimented on how much the Women's team have improved and how well they marked their team.

Quick snapshots:
Taipei (1) vs Vietnam (0)
Guam (3) vs Hong Kong (1)
Guam (0) vs Vietnam (3)
Taipei (8) vs Hong Kong (0)
Taipei (5) vs Guam (0)
Vietnam vs Hong Kong (in progress)

Further news on the game will be reported later after the results of the Vietnam and Hong Kong game.

We are all very proud of the Guam team as they have clearly demonstrated their skills and tactics. Please give them a big hand!


11/10/06 : Guam U19 Women's national team gave their best against Vietnam in yesterday's game. The team gave Vietnam a win of 3-0. Despite the loss, the officials, teams, spectators, and dignitaries have expressed their upmost compliments on how the Guam team have improved so much. They have seen a big difference in their playing style and how Guam has a very good future.
During the first half, Guam maintained a defensive approach to feel out Vietnam's fast distribution of the ball for set plays. During one set play, Vietnam right midfielder gave a cross which found their teammate's foot for a volley in the net within the first 10 minutes of first half.

Guam team was slowly coming around to make the adjustments to hold them out from any other opportunties. By the end of first half, Guam held them to a 1-0 at half time.

During the second half, further micro adjustments were made to hold the Vietnam at bay while trying to counter attack. With Victoria Shimizu and Amber Rabena making ways with one on one and wall passes, they've reached the 18 yard box a few times but Vietnam defense or goalkeeper was ready for their attack.

With 20 minutes left of the game, Vietnam right center midfielder challenged Guam with an outside shot on the ground which found the left corner net for a 2-0 lead.

Guam still didn't let that phase them as they continued to fight back with better passes and crosses in attempt to get a goal.

With 10 minutes left in the game, Vietnam center midfielder found another opporunity to scored for their final goal of the game.

It is truly impressive that the Guam team did not show any defeat as they continued to press on to counter-attack while maintaining a defensive approach.

The last game that Guam Women's team will play is scheduled for November 12th against Chinese Taipei at 3:00pm.

11/08/06 : The Guam U19 Women's National Team won their first game against Hong Kong (3-1). Within the first 4 minutes, Simie Willter (RMF) passed the ball to target, Victoria 'Tor' Shimizu (FW) on outside of 18 yard box. Tor and Amber Rabena (FW) made wall passes to each other to get closer toward the goal. At the right time, Tor gracefully passed the ball to the right corner for Simie to take a strong and crisp cross toward the back goal for Joi Abarintos (LMF)to finish with a header.

The second goal took place during the 10th minute of first half by Amber Rabena. A through ball to inside of 18 yard box was made for Amber Rabena to approach. With two defenders chasing her down, she took the chance to score and shot the ball directly toward the Hong Kong keeper. Unbelievably, the Hong Kong keeper did not stay composed as she allowed the ball to slip through her hands and legs.

Right before the half time, Hong Kong took control of the ball in attempt to get a goal. Hong Kong right midfielder drove the ball toward the corner of the 18 yard box unpressured and fired away. The shot was fast, hard and close but was deflected by goalkeeper Rosann Meeks' quick and decisive punch. The impressive save gave the Guam team a motivational uplift.

Starting the second half with a lead of 2-0, Guam decided to take advantage of replaying the set play that gave them a 1-0 lead in first half. Sure enough, Simie Willter drove the ball to the corner under pressure and sent the ball to the back post. Once agan, Joi Abarintos patiently waited for the ball to come through and she finished it with another header.

Now at 3-0 with less than 15 minutes left of the game, Hong Kong found time in the middle to have their playmaker take a strong second range shot on goal. Rosann Meeks dove as high and far as she could but the the ball found its way to the upper right hand corner.

As Guam finishes the game strong with 3-1, the emotional roller coaster ride for both players and officials were just overwhelming with tears and joys.

The Guam team is scheduled to play Vietnam on Friday, November 10th 4:00pm (6:00pm Guam time).

Stay tune for the next update.

11/07/06 : All is well and today is the big day... our first game. Guam is scheduled to play Hong Kong at 7:00pm (9:00pm Guam time). The weather is realitively nice and let's hope it stays that way. The girls are geared up to go and ready to win. The coach has taken them this far and now its up to them... or better yet, their heart. Wish us well and we will keep you posted. Stay tune on this website for more information.