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2007-08-05GFA: Thank you for the support! Coach Kim & Coach Cheri: I appreciate your hard work and continued effort in strengthening the women's team! Fellow teammates: GREAT JOB! =)Anjelica Perezclueless_cute_chick@html.comGUAM
2007-08-03상훈아, 더운 날씨에 몸건강하고, 항상 건승하기 바란다. 괌 선수들도 열심히 하여 TV에서나마 이기는 모습을 볼 수 있기를 바란다.김성현gazet68@naver.comKOREA, Republic of
2007-07-09To all the Guam Women National Players: On behalf of GFA and the Women's Committee, I thank you for your hard work and dedication.Kent H.khsieh@GuamFootball.comGuam
2007-07-09Coach Kim and Cheri: both of you have done a great job in preparing our Women National Team for this tournament. Thank you.Kent H.khsieh@GuamFootball.comGuam
2007-07-02GO GUAM!!!Hope Abarintoscutiepie4lyfe95@hotmail.comGuam
2007-06-30Guam vs Hong Kong (1 - 2)

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