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Futsal is a sport that can be played anywhere and especially during rainy season. It can also produce as much anxiety and fierce competition amongst players alike. It is played in two halves , a shorter field, can use only there feet, no throw-ins only kick-ins, fouls are counted and a player receiving a red card can be replaced after two full minutes or when the opposing team scores within the allotted timeframe of 2 minutes, players can substitute on the fly and scores are usually quick and exciting.

Futsal although is still new in many parts of the world is well and being played here on Guam. Guam has manage to send at least two teams the past two years for international competition and looks like we are expanding our horizons as Futsal would be the next growing sport in this part of the world. The futsal for women is right now being planned to go international soon, as efforts are being made to address this program for young women in our part of the world.

Hopefully we can utilize a gym that is available and convenient for everyone including their schedules. Futsal can be played with as little as 10 people or less depending whether it’s a pick-up game, tournament or league game.  Right now futsal can be played  at the Astumbo, Sports Complex , Tamuning and Agat Gyms schedule permitting.

Futsal first started with the women football committee here in Guam by starting and indoor league at the Guam Sports complex with games on Sunday afternoons. It was comprised of six teams from the women’s adult outdoor league. There were various men’s and youth tournaments after the women’s initial start up league that was to spark up an interest to the other groups to try it out and play indoor. It was until almost two years later that the men’s league started and is now going on its third year.  With interest being surmounted there is plans to have futsal for youth during months that don’t conflict with middle, high, and GFA youth outdoor leagues.

Plans are ongoing right now to give clubs some necessary tools to implement a possible interest and try out by putting a team together. This would enable everyone interested at least to hone in his or her specific skills and play this growing sport here on Guam.

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