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A Short History about Guam Football Association.

The Guam Football (Soccer) Association was founded in 1975 by a group of men who were looking to establish recreational football in Guam.

A few years later, military leagues sprang up for youth teams, and a youth division of the Guam Football Association began to emerge. Communications began with the international federations, and Guam became and associate member of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) in 1991.

Guam worked hard to develop its association, and in 1996, was recommended to full membership in the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). At the FIFA Congress in Zurich in 1996, Guam was voted in as a member of FIFA, therefore, attaining full membership in the Asian Football Confederation.

Guam has participated in the football tournaments of the South Pacific Games for many years, and since it's induction as an associate member in the Asian Football Confederation, has participated in Under 16 tournaments, Under 19 tournaments, the Women's Asian Championships, World Cup Qualifying Events and Club Championships.

Guam also participates in the East Asian Games, which are held every four years.

Being an island in the western Pacific, with a total mass of 212 square miles and a population of approximately 150,000 of which approximately 115,000 are U.S. citizens and therefore eligible to compete internationally for Guam, Guam has had minimal success in its international endeavors.

The Guam Football teams have consistently shown improvement, and have not been discouraged by the lack of success.

It is understood that in order to move to the next level, regular international competition is necessary.

Another necessity in being able to move forward is finances. Although football is not as expensive a sport as some, in order to maintain the Guam Football Association, and the number of teams that participate at the international level, significant finances are necessary. The greatest financial burden involves the cost of travel throughout the Pacific region for the South Pacific Games and mini South Pacific Games, as well as to Asia for the various competitions involved.

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