Fifa 2nd Goal Project



New HQ Building Description:
The project will provide an Upgrade to the existing Headquarters Building. The new building, at 4533 SF (421 SM), will consist of an Administration Office, a Meeting Room, Dormitory, Men's Restroom, Women's Restroom, a 2-Bedroom Apartment unit and a Classroom. The Administration Office will house the President's and General Secretary's Offices as well as the Filing and Finance Rooms. The Meeting Room could also function as a Dining Room for residing players. The Dormitory is designed to accommodate 20 players at any time.

On the Second Floor, the 2-Bedroom Apartment unit will house off-island
instructor or coach. There is also a 1498 SF (139 SM) of covered but
open deck, next to the Classroom, for restricted usage such as a V.I.P
seating, seminars, training, etc.

The building is surrounded by about 3733 SF (347 SM) of concrete deck
for outdoor functions. A 1440 SF (134 SM) concrete bleechers area is
attached to this deck for spectators and viewing purposes.
The new building will provide the much-needed expansion and additional
amenities to the existing Headquarters Building.
Futsal Fields:

The project will consist of 110' x 310' concrete slab on grade for 2 futsal fields, with about 950 LF of 12' H chain-link fence with gates. There are fourteen 30' H light poles with 1,000W metal halide light
fixtures each.

Paved Parking Lot:
The project will consist of a paved parking area that will accommodate 182 parking stalls, paint markings and signs, concrete wheel stops, and a new entrance gate.  The approximate area is about +/- 64,000 sf.

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