AFC U19 Women's National Team Gallery

"Guam sleeping beauty...."

"Typical girl's room but some are messier..."

"Version two of girl's room.."

"Okay, how many more do we have to do?"

"Practice day 1"


"Want some?"

"Okay you can smile but I'm eating..."

"Say ahhhh"


"Eat your vegetables Tanya."

"Where's our bus?"

"Still waiting...."

"Hi-ho, hi-ho, off to play I go..."


"Great, same stuff from lunch."

"Sharp looking team"

"Simie... can you be a little shorter so its not so"

"Left... left... left, right, left..."

"Concentrate, plan, strategy, tactics..."

"Bus ride to Stadium (vs Hong Kong)"

"Bus ride to Stadium (vs Hong Kong)"

"Bus ride to stadium (vs Hong Kong)"

"Ashley Besagar (LCB) approaching and intercepting"

"Elyssa Lemapu's strong goal kick clearance."

"Half time hustle"

"Amy Atkinson (CMF) and Joi Abarintos (LMF) double"

"Joi (7) and Victoria (10) waiting for the throw in"

"Shana Spindel (LDF) tight marking."

"Does anybody know this cheer?"

"...and emotional moment"

"team comraderie"

"Emotional moment after the game."

"Happy Birthday Tor!!!"

"Doris, where's the markers?... What markers? Why would you need markers since there's no whiteboard?.... Markers to set up the field... OH! "

"First day training at the Stadium"

"First day training ... a tad bit cold."

"Who wants to win? MEEEEE!!!!!!"

"Live, breath and play soccer"

"Warm down walk... backward"

"Warm down job... forward."

"Liasion Hsieh Ting-Kai and Giovanni Abarintos (Par"

"Team Meeting (night before the game)"

"Approach, cover , balance. Target, side, drop. S"

"Topic: Priority... Target."

"Are we going to be quized on this?"

"Is this the English or Brazil Tactic Plans?"

"Okay, drill sargent isn't watching... let's walk."

"Guam Team Locker Room"

"Synchronized hand-tapping"

"Hong Kong Team"

"Warm up session on Game 1"

"The Lone Rangers"

"FIFA walk"

"Guam Hymn"

"Coach's other job: Choreographer"

"Guam starting lineup vs Hong Kong"

"1-2-3.... GUAM!!!!"

"Hong Kong 2nd half huddle"

"Anticipate, intercept, control and attack"

"Shield and protect"


"You want a piece of this?"

"Joi (7) delay and patient, Amy (6) cover and support, Jel (8) cover and support"

"Nah-na-na-nahhna, you can't get this."

"Coach Kim calls '1v1', Joi (7) takes her on... and conquers!"

"Tor (10) takes on 1v1 with several players!"

"What's my options?"


"Double team and the ball is mine."